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Homeowner Solar PV

Solar Panel Installers Wales

Homeowner Solar PV

If you are a homeowner in Wales looking to install solar panels, call Atom Electrical Contractors. We offer the complete service from advice and information to design, supply, installation, and aftercare. Unlike many solar panel installers in Wales, we are a family-run electrical business. This means that there is no hard sell, no pushy salespeople on commission, just honest advice, and clear quotations.

Solar Panel Installers Swansea

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Solar Panels Swansea

Solar Panels Swansea

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 Electricians Swansea

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Solar PV Installers Wales

Benefits of Installing Residential Solar Panels in Wales

We have all seen the strains of the recent energy crisis, with many households facing crippling energy bills. Taking the step to solar now will not only alleviate the cost of your electricity but could also increase the value of your property. Therefore, providing a sound return on investment and future-proofing your home from future inflation.

Solar Panel Installers Swansea

How Much Money Can a Solar Household Save?

The amount of money a solar household can save depends on various factors, including the cost of electricity in the area, the size and orientation of the solar panel system, local solar incentives, and the household’s energy consumption patterns. Here’s a breakdown of these factors:

Cost savings

Cost of Electricity:

The higher the local electricity rates, the more you can save by generating your power. Savings are more substantial in regions with high electricity prices.

Solar Panels Wales

Solar Panel System Size:

The capacity of your solar panel system (measured in kilowatts, kW) directly affects your savings. A larger system will generate more electricity, potentially covering all your energy needs and even generating surplus electricity that can be sold back to the grid in some regions.

Orientation and Sunlight

Orientation and Sunlight:

The amount of sunlight your home receives and the orientation of your solar panels (ideally south-facing in the Northern Hemisphere) affect how much electricity your system can generate.

Solar PV Installers Swansea

Earn Money

Switching to solar saves you money on energy bills, but it can also earn you money too. the smart export guarantee (SEG) scheme was launched in January 2020 allowing households to export their solar energy. This means you can get paid to put electricity you don’t use back into the national energy grid.  

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Solar Installation Wales

How to Get Started

If you are considering switching your home energy supply to solar contact our team today. We offer free no-obligation home visits to assess how many solar panels can be installed. The process is as follows:

Full Rewires

Step 1


Contact our team to arrange a free no obligation, home visit.

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Step 2

Home Visit

A team member will visit your home to measure the available roof space and calculate solar panel and battery potential. We will ask you to supply us with your current energy consumption so that we can give a more accurate estimation of potential savings.

Cost savings

Step 3

Our Proposal

Following your home visit, we will provide a detailed proposal for your new solar solution. This proposal will consider your requirements balanced against your budget for maximum savings.


Step 4


If you are happy to accept our quote, we take a 25% insurance-backed, refundable deposit. This allows us to get to work to install your solar panels. If your system is over 4kW, we would also liaise with the Energy Network Association for the required permissions on your behalf.

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Step 5


We will ensure that you fully understand the performance and data from the system to analyse going forward. Furthermore, we can carry out ongoing maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

Make the Switch to Solar

If you would like our team to install solar panels anywhere in Wales, contact us now.