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Welcome to the FAQ section for Atom Electrical Contractors, where we answer your most common queries about solar panels in Wales and solar battery storage. We’re here to illuminate your path to sustainable energy solutions.

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What are solar panels?

Swansea Solar Panels

Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity, enabling you to power your home or business with renewable energy.

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How do solar panels work?

Solar Panels Carmarthen

They capture sunlight using photovoltaic cells, which generate direct current (DC) electricity from sunlight.

Can you install solar panels on any roof?

Solar Panels Caerphilly

Most roofs are suitable, but the best performance comes from roofs with good exposure to sunlight, minimal shading, and an angle of 15-40 degrees.

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How long do solar panels last?

Solar Panels Anglesey

Typically, solar panels last 25-30 years, maintaining efficiency and providing significant energy savings over time.

How much do solar panels cost?

Solar Panels Gwynedd

Costs vary based on system size. On average, expect to pay between £4,000 and £8,000 for a typical home installation.

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Can I charge my electric car with solar energy?

Solar Panels Bangor

Yes, you can charge your electric vehicle using solar energy, making your transportation more sustainable.

What are bifacial solar panels?

Solar Panels Flintshire

Bifacial solar panels capture sunlight from both sides, increasing their potential energy generation.

Do solar panels need much maintenance?

Solar Panels Merthyr Tydfil

Solar panels require minimal maintenance, primarily occasional cleaning, and an annual check by a professional such as Atom Electrical Contractors.

Solar Panels Swansea

Solar Panels Swansea

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 Electricians Swansea

 Electricians Swansea

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Are solar panels effective in Wales?

Solar Panels Conwy

Yes, despite Wales’s variable weather, solar panels are effective, especially during long daylight hours in spring and summer.

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Do solar panels still work on cloudy days?

Solar Panels Neath

Yes, solar panels still generate electricity on cloudy days, albeit at a reduced efficiency compared to sunny days.

How Much Roof Space Do I Need?

Solar Panels Port Talbot

The required space depends on how many panels you need. Generally, a few square metres are enough for a small system.

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Will My Roof Be Strong Enough?

Solar Panels Aberystwyth 

Most roofs can support solar panels, but we always conduct a structural assessment to ensure safety.

What happens if there is a power cut?

Solar Panels Wrexham 

Solar systems with batteries can provide power during outages. Grid-tied systems without batteries will shut down.

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What Accreditations Do You Have?

Solar Panels Rhondda Cynon Taf 

We are proud members of the ECA, NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme, and the Trustmark Government Scheme, ensuring high standards.

What is solar battery storage?

Solar Panels Ceredigion

Solar battery storage systems store excess electricity generated by your solar panels for use when the sun isn’t shining.

How does solar battery storage work?

Solar Panels Cardiff

These systems store surplus solar energy during the day. This energy is then available for use during the night or on cloudy days.

Solar Panels Swansea

Why should I consider solar battery storage?

Solar Panels Flint

It maximizes the use of your solar energy, reduces reliance on the grid, and can provide power during outages.

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How long do solar batteries last?

Solar Panels Newport

Solar batteries typically last between 5-15 years, depending on the type and usage.

Can I add battery storage to an existing solar panel system?

Solar Panels Gelligaer

Yes, we can retrofit solar battery storage to existing systems, enhancing your energy independence.

Can I go off-grid with solar panels?

Solar Panels Gwent

Yes, with a sufficient solar panel system and battery storage, you can become energy-independent.

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